Big Data, IoT And Blockchain: Benefits Of Merging The Trending Trio

Large data, IoT and blockchain are changing the world as we KNOW. So how will it look if we incorporate their interests more often?

As developments in global technologies have captured lightning speed, technologies such as large data, IoT and blockchain have created their individual identity and are proven to be property for various global industries. In this era, most people of artists know each person independently and many people know their combined use and benefits, but for the benefit of novice readers, Let’s see the summary of each of Them.

Large data
As the name suggests, Big data is a high volume of Data. Data can be of many types, i.e. structured data (database-in order), nonstructured data (storing traditional row Columns) or semi-structured data (unstructured data with some organizational attributes).

There are many disciplines that can benefit effectively with major data analysis solutions such as healthcare, retail-consumer, financial services, Web and Digital Media, telecommunications, E-commerce & customer Service , etc. the major data management tools need to perform more analysis. In addition, there are a lot of tools in the market from using them, we can manage large data i.e. hadoop, Apache Spark/Storm, ceph, Google’s great query, etc.
IoT (Internet of Things)

Simply speaking, IoT is ‘ active ‘ connected to the Internet. These ‘ active ‘ can be sensors, equipment, equipment, vehicles, etc. they collect and send some information via some servers through the Internet or they receive information and actions according to or they can perform both. In the coming days, the request will belong to the third category – they collect information and submit and they also get some information and corresponding Responses. There are thousands of applications of such devices in theory that will soon become a Reality. In addition, these types of applications will have a large scale on various industries and data transfer will be administered by the Big Data applications. Some examples can be made as IoT for buildings (homes, offices and parking seats etc.), IoT in agriculture, IoT in automotive and IoT in the medical sector and so On.

The Blockchain technology
The blockchain technology has been launched light with the origins of Bitcoin. But as time passes, it has been realized that the same technology can be used for many things (different databases – there are a number of values), in addition to implementing financial transactions Securely. The blockchain technology has distributed architecture to the database System. It doesn’t have any data focused addresses, instead the data is replication as part of ‘ block ‘ in multiple machines (called Buttons) on the internet, so it’s hard to hack for anyone.
In the blockchain database, each record with a number of keys (hash Code) is called ‘ Block ‘. It contains details such as the time stamp for the transaction and specific locks for ‘ block ‘ earlier in the series, also copied at different Positions/buttons.

therefore, nearly impossible to forge these blocks because there is no single data source and if anyone tries to change in the menu block, changes that will make the next block are not related, so that the specific phishing block will be removed From the Blockchain node (user in the network). In simple terms, since this algorithm has distributed architecture and similar information is copied to many different places, it is virtually impossible to change each position/node, thus making this architecture more Secure.

Great data concerns and data security iot, architecture and focus cost
Major data services in some industries can be very sensitive and need to be confidential as well as private banking, defense, health care, etc. so, the main concern for the owner or the stakeholders of the data This large material is secure their Data. although, There are a lot of technologies available to secure large data that can be discussed while consulting large data, but there are some serious flaws of such techniques and data that are Vulnerable.
In fact similar, data received and sent between IoT devices are very sensitive and need to be immune is in monitoring, city traffic control, in the field of defense, etc. the greater the data will be produced and under Control.

Other concerns for the management of such large data are created as their traditional central architecture. Many devices in the IoT application are also sending data to and receiving data from-a Central server (one or more). Although this type of architecture for data management is vulnerable and not entirely safe because data sources are single or limited. Also the cost to manage their central servers will increase each day with the stacking of data daily. therefore, there must be some basic changes in the management of such Data.

Solution through Blockchain technology
There are some features and inheritance benefits in the operation of the blockchain technology, thereby we can secure the Big data Data & IoT (at a low cost) in such a way that hardly can Violate. Through the dispersion architecture of the blockchain, the greatest concern regarding the security and management of developing data can be resolved because there will not be any necessary central Database.
Data is confirmed and replication on various nodes of the network is almost impossible to attack. In the coming years, the explosion of automation will be there, in which billions of IoT devices will manage many missions. In addition, the management of central servers can be avoided and data can be transmitted on the secure network of Blockchain.

That will surely increase the data rotation time (TAT) as well as data security as the devices are not connected to a single Location. Also the main advantage would be in deducting the maintenance costs for billions of this IoT device, since manufacturers will not need any central repository to upgrade or update the firmware of that device.
so, in order to conclude, we can say that technology blockchain can be a transformation and be proven to be blessing in the coming years to manage large data and IoT Devices.